Stacking Ball Shape Sorter




  • 13x13x13
  • Fantastic multi purpose toy that can be used as a stacker, shape sorter or ball!
  • 4 parts fit together to form a ball with 6 shape sorting holes.
  • Comes with 6 different colored shapes, each with a different rattle sound.
  • Enhances dexterity, fine motor skills and Baby's understanding of puzzle solving.
  • Great for the development of shape recognition!


  • Give your baby the different shapes to explore and rattle.
  • Does your baby discover how to put the shapes in the spaces of the ball? If not, give verbal hints, without directly demonstrating - and see if your little one can figure it out.
  • Most babies this age will need some assistance initially. Show your baby how to put the shapes in the correct spaces. Show your infant what happens when you try to put the wrong shape in a hole. Explain that it doesn't fit using encouraging language.
  • Talk about the colors and challenge your baby to show you the shape that matches the color.
  • Show your baby how to separate the toy to empty the sorter - take out one shape at a time and challenge your baby to fit the shape in - using lots of praise.
  • Increase the challenge by removing two shapes at a time - building up to completing the task in one go.
  • As your baby develops he or she will be able to sort the puzzle out independently using both shape and color knowledge.
  • Always use encouraging and supportive language and praise successful sorting.
  • Show your baby how to roll the shape sorter along a flat surface - encourage your infant to move to retrieve it.

Customer Reviews

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Stacey Shepard
Love Stacking Ball Shape Sorter

I really love this product and I think my granddaughter will love it. These types of toys are good for helping kids with their shapes and coordination.