Teatime Shape Sorter



  • Can be used as a shape sorter or a real teapot!
  • Comes with 4 mini teacups which are color matched to their respective holes.
  • Easy to remove lid allows for quick access to cups.
  • Clear beaker can be placed inside the tea pot and liquid added to allow for a real tea time experience.
  • Encourages a greater understanding of color matching and shape recognition.
  • Enhances manipulation and fine motor skills.
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR HOT LIQUIDS. Children must be supervised at all times whilst using liquids in this product.


  • Does your baby discover how to put the shapes in the spaces of the teapot? If not, give verbal hints, without directly demonstrating - and see if your little one can figure it out.  
  • Most babies this age will need some assistance initially. Show your baby how to put the cups in the correct spaces. Show your infant what happens when you try to put the wrong shape in a hole. Explain that it doesn't fit using encouraging language.  
  • Talk about the colors and challenge your baby to show you the cup that matches the color.  
  • Show your baby how to open the lid to empty the sorter - take out one cup at a time and challenge your baby to fit the cup in - using lots of praise. 
  • Increase the challenge by removing two cups at a time - building up to completing the task in one go.  
  • As your baby develops he or she will be able to sort the puzzle out independently using both shape and color knowledge. 
  • Always use encouraging and supportive language and praise successful sorting.
  • Show your baby how the beaker fits into the teapot. Fill it with liquid and enjoy your own little tea party!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hannah Bodde
It's wonderful

My 2 year old niece loves it. We had a tea party that went on all day.
She's still learning to get the tea in the cup.

Patti Woodard
Birthday Tea with Grandma

My granddaughter Zoey and I both celebrate February birthdays,so it will be a birthday present and grandma is coming to visit for tea