Happy Magic - 325 Trick Set


Watch your kids master magic young with this new and exciting Happy Magic 325 trick set!


  • 6 yrs +
  • Perfect for advancing magicians
  • 325 tricks
  • Child friendly instruction booklet included
  • Exclusive access to online video tutorials
  • Includes magic wand
  • Some tricks may require the use of everyday objects like thread, fishing line, pencil, paper, glue…


  • Large Variety of Tricks. With 325 mystifying tricks your budding magician will be busy for hours on end. They’ll have fun with the magic wand, mind-reading cards, thumb tip, linking rings, spiked coins and much more.

  • Step By Step Instruction Guide. The set comes with a detailed instruction booklet with clear instructions and step by step images that are simple enough for your little one to follow and practice on their own.

  • Online Video Tutorials. You get a secret code for the online videos making it easy for your kids to learn the magic tricks themselves.

  • Exciting and Stimulating. Kids will need to think creatively when preparing for their shows, from what to say during their performance to what costume to wear! They’ll be thinking out of the box, improving their dexterity while learning the value of working hard to master new skills.

  • For Ages 6 yrs + This magic kit includes tricks that are simple and can be done right away, and others that will need more practice. Your advancing magician will love performing with the magic wand and will enjoy using the magic paddle, hypnotic coin disk, magic money and much more!

  • Guaranteed Fun: Each prop can be used for many different tricks. Your kids will enjoy both the old time favorites and new ones. There’s lots of enthusiasm and challenge when learning how to become a skilled magician!

  • Suitable For Boy or Girl Magicians. Magic has no gender! This is a beginner's magic kit for kids who love learning magic tricks to impress friends and family, over and over again. 

Does your child dream of performing in their very own magic show?

Presenting… The perfect magic set for your budding magician that will keep them enthralled for hours on end. With a clear instruction booklet that’s easy enough for kids to follow on their own, plus online video tutorials, your child will master magic in no time.

Set the stage, roll out the red carpet and watch your little one put on a seamless performance with a huge variety of tricks. With so many different magic tricks, kids can perform multiple times for the same family members. Some tricks are simple and can be done right away, while others will need more practice, adding to the excitement of their magical journey!

Simple and fun, now your children can star in their very own marvelous magic show!



Happy Magic is all about making magic wonderful. Flawlessly wonderful!  So if you’re not happy with your kit, just send us a message and we’ll ship a new one to you in no time.

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