Classic Drum



  • 12x12x16.5cm
  • Double sided drumming fun.
  • Two sides can be separated and played with at the same time.
  • Drum has two sticks which clip into the sides.
  • Rolls effortlessly, adding further play value.


  • 2010 Gold Practical Pre-School Awards
  • Practical Pre-School 2009 Bronze Award
  • Parent's Choice Award

Play Guide:

  • Use one drumstick to bang on the drum. Give your child the other drumstick and encourage your infant to bang with you.
  • Show your child the puzzle element of the toy - encourage him or her to take it apart to make two drums and fit the pieces together again. 
  • Separate the drum into two and encourage your infant to use both drumsticks.
  • Have a drum and drumstick each. Hit the drum once, then twice...encourage your child to copy whatever you do. Try some simple sequences. This is also a good opportunity to reinforce basic counting skills.  
  • Show your little one how to roll the drum along the floor and encourage any movement to follow it. 
  • Encourage lots of free play with the drum.

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Colleen Henry

This is a gift, but want to say that it arrived very quickly!
Very happy with the service