Quality toys should stand the test of time.

(What’s quality? Well its toys that don’t crack, peel, break, smash, ruin, or smudge. In short; its toys that last.)

Toys should be special too.

That’s why we sell a range of toys that aren’t available anywhere else in the United States of America. That’s right. Choose that special toy that no-one else will be buying for your grandson’s birthday.

Happy Grandma alert.

Our Story

Back in 1976, a shop opened in Brooklyn called Newbend Discount Variety . It’s a great shop selling all sorts of odds and ends, but the best bit; it was founded by our grandparents.

They’re kind hearted, loving people who treat every customer like they are their only one.

We’ll never forget our grandfather taking two buses across town in the deep snow to open up his shop ‘just in case someone needs a snow shovel.’

It was the best lesson we have ever learnt in putting the customer first.

Then, in 2017 we let them retire gracefully and started selling through Amazon. People were trekking out less and less (especially in the snow!) and we wanted to be able to offer them an easy and pleasant shopping experience.

Our aim was; shop in the comfort of your own home, yet still get the quality and customer service that we’ve been offering since 1976.

Our customers seem to like that idea.

But now it’s time to serve you directly. Here, on our website, there are no middlemen - it’s just us, you and lots of chocolatey pudgy fingers.

Our Promise

Support you’ll love

‘My toy hasn’t arrived’ ‘It’s the wrong color’ ‘I’m not sure how to work it’

Real life crises that need full time customer support.

Send us an email with your query and we’ll get back to you within one business day. Just check out our FAQ’s first- it might save you an email.

Speedy shipping

We know kids and if yours are anything like ours, they'll be up at the crack of dawn to check if their new toy arrived.

That’s why we promise to deliver your goods within 5 days of ordering. We keep our promises so if it doesn’t arrive on time,  you’ll get to enjoy your new toy, totally free.

Just contact us to let us know.

Free delivery

Delivery is just $2.99 or totally FREE on orders over $29.99. Because who wants to pay more for that special toy?