Zoo 3D Small Playmat


This 3D Zoo Playmat may seem 2D at first, but don’t let that fool you! Download the app and watch your mat come alive with exciting 3D visual and audio features. 


  • 3D virtual reality features stimulating sight, hearing and touch 
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant playmat
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Rolls up and ties for easy storage 
  • Easy to Clean and Wipe
  • PVC coated
  • Superior quality
  • Compact size: 35’’ x 47''

What is a 3D playmat?

Our Rollmatz Zoo 3D Playmat looks just like an ordinary playmat but once you download the app and start playing, the mat comes to life. The animals feel real as they walk around the playmat and take your child on exciting adventures.


Why 3D? 

  • Fun: Meet a wide array of exotic animals that feel real as you explore the playmat. 

  • Educational: Learn lots of fun facts about the animals and where they live. 

  • Interactive: Transform your 2D world into 3D by playing with the animals, going on an adventure-filled trip to the zoo becoming friends with your favorite animals.

  • Stimulating: Watch the animals come to life as you play with the monkey, listen to the lions roaring and visit the splashing dolphins.  

  • Exciting: Let your child roam around the zoo and learn about different animals all the while staying in the comfort of your home.


How to play:

  • Download the free app, available on all Apple and Android devices. 

  • Point your device at the playmat and watch the animals come to life in 3D format. 

  • Use the augmented reality technology on your device to see where your playmat is located in the real world, making it feel so much more authentic for kids. 

Works great as a regular playmat too…

  • Perfect For Any Surface. Turn the playroom, bedroom, or garden into a stimulating zoo experience. 

  • Fun and Educational. Your kids will learn all about different animals and will love taking them on exciting adventures.

  • Waterproof and Durable. No need to worry about those drinks spilling!

  • Protects the Floor. Keeps food and stains off the floor and carpet.

  • Bright And Eye Catching Design. Visually stimulating and attractive for children all ages.

  • Padded and Soft. Cushions your floor and comfortable to play on,  protecting little hands and feet!

  • Easy to Store. Comes with a tie up string keeping your mat rolled up when put away. 


Ever wondered how to turn your kids screen time into educational playtime?

Presenting… Rollmatz 3D Zoo Playmats that fuse fun and education into one! Watch your kids play with their animals on the mat as they learn fun zoo facts through the exciting games on the app. 

Keep your kids occupied in their playtime and watch their imagination soar as they play with their 3D Zoo Playmat for hours on end taking their animals on thrilling adventures. 

With fantastic colors and design, it’s lightweight, waterproof, and perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Rollmatz Zoo Playmats are PVC coated and scratch resistant for endless hours of animal fun. 



It’s Rollmatz after all. So if anything goes wrong, just contact us straight away and we’ll send you a new one free of charge. You’re welcome. 😉

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